S-QUICK Solar Quick Mounting System replace Concrete Mounting Rack perfectly
¡¡¡¡The release date£º2016-2-24     The news source£º¡¡

On SNEC exhibition inShanghai, S-QUICKsolar quick mounting system from SF SOLAR emerged for the first time, and it isa giant breakthrough and innovation. It overcomes the disadvantage of traditionalbracket with long installation term, affected by weather, higher labor cost andbad performance on waterproof, so S-QUICK can greatly enhances the Installationefficiency. Presently this product has obtained Invention patent and qualityinspection report, Based on above advantage, S-QUICK system received high attentionin the exhibition


1.     New construction mode:

Base box ofS-QUICK is currently the most economicto replace previous concrete foundationsolution, which makes the construction more convenient and quicker. Putting80-100 kg cobble in box, S-QUICK system can firmly connect with concrete roofor ground with good loading performance, and can help to save 15% labor cost andtime.


2.     New design :

The strengtheningrib at the bottom and side of the box was not only beautiful but also makingthe box firm. This design can bear 100 kg, and drain holes evenly distributedon the corner, and the whole Base box can fit perfectly with PV mountingbracket. Different quantity of Base Box filler can meet the different wind andsnow loads requirement.

1.     New materials:

Imported polymercomposites materials, Single box only weigh 2KG and easily transportation with doublepacked.Polymermaterials ensure good quality, which can resist -20 ~ +80 degree temperatureand UV erosion as long as 25 years.


2.     Environmental concept:

The base box of S-QUICKsystem is not only a box but also growing plants over it, beatify the roof andlife.

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