Speed of 3 days 200 KW
¡¡¡¡The release date£º2016-2-24     The news source£º¡¡

Only need three days,from the bracket base, roof bracket to the end of the solar module to install.A concrete roof of 200 kw photovoltaic power station is completed. Even beforethe similar roof power station needs at least seven days to complete, S-QUICK systemis make the construction efficient and fast

The traditionalconcrete base of pv bracket need to spend many labor cost and materialresources. From start making concrete base to concrete mixing, transportation, productthe pre-buried bolts of bracket, concrete foundation to make forming, basicmaintenance, open the mould, basic handling and so on needs go through a seriesof processes. the hole process at least need more than sever days, if encounteringrain and snow weather not only construction time will be longer, and need morelabor cost, but also will have bad influence on construction quality.

S-Quick quick mountingbracket system can overcome above difficulties, After S-QUICK box and solar bracketarriving project site, they can be installed immediately, and just need somefiller in box. Construction period and solar cost can be Significant saved. Itisn¡¯t affected by weather, suitable for medium-sized PV power plant.

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