Mountain new energy signed Xinjiang figure wood Suk 2MW PV supply contract
¡¡¡¡The release date£º2014-11-19     The news source£º¡¡
Following last year''s successful completion of Xinjiang figure wood Suk 30MW ground station photovoltaic stent delivery, mountains of Changzhou new energy again won the contract of the project owner two additional 2MW solar PV project, opened a new peak energy 2014 journey.
Changzhou Shanfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, has completed a total of domestic photovoltaic support production and sales of 180MW. And the number of EPC general contractor, power station investment and photovoltaic power station owner maintained good relations of cooperation.
The company expects 2014 annual will achieve photovoltaic support production and sales of 300 MW, and business scope broaden to civil, a bracket assembly installation and construction process, for customers to provide professional, efficient and comprehensive one-stop photovoltaic support solutions.
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