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Ground Bracket Roof Bracket Water system
  • BeijingBeijing 1 mw spiral piling construction
  • 88 mw arched roof support construction of hunan
  • MachengMacheng 110 mw concrete filling pile ground support construction
  • 2MW2MW roof bracket,Beijing,2014.07
   Shanfeng Solar Energy Company is located in Changzhou China, founded in 2012 with registered capital of 20 million RMB. In 2014, we founded a subsidiary corporation, Xinjiang Zhongxin Shanfeng Solar Energy company, which is located in Xinjiang Zhongxin Industrial Park, with registered capital of 20million RMB. We promise to provide professional services on research, production, sales, installment,  
  and sale support for solar brackets. Our products include ground fixed brackets, roof fixed brackets, adjustable brackets, S-QUICK brackets etc.
Besides, Shanfeng Solar Energy has obtained certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, CE certification and Australia certification. Moreover, all series of our brackets have passed the basic quality certification and inspection.......More》
  Changzhou Shanfeng Solar Energy Co.,LTD
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Fax:+86-519-8350 0029
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